Modern,  efficient and friendly, Hardman Automotive Parts department is here to supply all parts and accessories for your motoring needs. 
If you are wanting to work on your own Nissan , Honda or Kubota, Hardman's parts team will be able to supply you with the right part for your vehcile( and many other makes ).

Looking for the perfect gift for a friend or relative who's a vehicle enthusiast?  Or perhaps you're looking for something to enhance the value, appearance, safety or comfort of your own vehicle
Cameron or Rick at Hardman Automotive will be happy to show you the range of Nissan, Honda or Kubota parts and accessories we have available or can order for you.

Many customers are pleasantly surprised by the value of Genuine parts, especially for the extra peace of mind they provide over non-Genuine.  The use of genuine parts helps maintain your Nissan/Honda to manufacturers specifications which may contribute positively to your vehicles performance, reliability, safety and resale value.
We also carry a wide range of accessories and car care products to help you maintain your motor vehicle.


Ironman 4×4 products are designed in Australia and distributed throughout the world. Originally established in 1958, as a Melbourne based suspension parts manufacturer, named Jacob Spring Works. The company in 1982 took shape as JSW Parts, (short for Jacob Spring Works) to design and supply leaf and coil springs for cars, trucks, buses and 4×4 vehicles. JSW Parts soon became well known as a manufacturer and supplier of suspension parts all around the world.
In 1988 JSW Parts launched the Ironman 4×4 brand of springs and suspension parts in response to the increasing popularity of 4×4 vehicles, recognizing that standard suspension systems alone were not designed to cope with additional loads of bull bars, winches and extra fuel tanks. Driven by explosive sales of 4×4’s, in 2004 the Ironman 4×4 range of products expanded quickly to meet the demand of off road users seeking solutions which would allow their vehicles to go off road loaded with accessories such as winches, recovery equipment, protective bars, canopies, lighting and electrical upgrades. Today the vast continent of Australia serves as the perfect testing ground for Ironman 4×4 products, so whether crossing the outback in search of adventure or just driving the children to school in your local suburb, Ironman 4×4 can offer quality and value for money.
Many fleet and military organisations throughout the world have acknowledged the quality design and manufacture of Ironman 4×4 products. Together with these serious solutions, Ironman 4×4 products are also chosen the world over by off road competition teams and drivers, and have successfully completed the Dakar Rally. Ironman 4×4 products are stocked at our many warehouses including Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane and Perth. All warehouses are computer linked to our National Call Centre at the Melbourne Head Office, whilst Ironman 4x4s international warehousing and offices are headed up by Ironman 4 by 4 Thailand. Ironman 4×4 provide great value for money solutions for all sectors within the 4×4 industry, with a versatile and forward thinking approach, whether it be recreational, military or commercial use we at Ironman 4×4 can safely say that you are using world class products

Child Car Seats and Restraints

Safe-n-Sound is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of child restraints. Offering a broad selection of child restraints that accommodate children from birth to 36kgs, our product range is designed to provide the optimal fit for your child at every stage. T
he Safe-n-Sound car seat safety range includes Infant Carriers, Convertible Car SeatsForward Facing Car SeatsHarnessed Car SeatsConvertible Booster Seats, Booster Seats,  and Child Car Seat Accessories. Visit individual products by clicking on images below.

Cameron Roberts-Manager

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